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Angular Momentum DIVE-TEC / 500

© Angular Momentum (Click To Enlarge Image)

By TLex You may have realized that I strive to bring you the unknown and obscure from the world of dive watches. Today however, I bring you the weird and wonderful.

But before I do I want you to pause for a moment, clear you mind and try to forget everything that you thought you knew about dive watches. Is your mind mind clear?

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Good, now try to imagine a world 500 meters beneath ocean. A world of darkness. Your polished Subamariner won't even function here. The carbon fiber dial of your Limited Edition Seahawk is as lost as you are in the pitch blackness that is the abyss.

© George Perina

Suddenly you see colors flashing. It's school of cephalopods, the chromatophores in the pigment of their skin causes their bodies to flash and strobe like neon disco lights. Other bioluminescent creatures attract your attention as they flash and dart to avoid the hungry beaks of the squid, your black world briefly comes alive with color and light.

© Unknown

Sounds like an alien world, right? But one that most of us dream of venturing into and exploring. Living vicariously through the abilities of our dive watches can put us right there if the imagination will allow.

© Unknown

Angular Momentum have gone one step further with their latest and yet to be released creation, the DIVE-TEC / 500. They take us 500 meters into the darkness as have many other dive watches, but they ensure that whether we meet any bioluminescent creatures or not our time spent there will not be lacking in light!

The DIVE-TEC / 500 use the same 'Èmail Lumineuse' technology that Angular Momentum used for the Illum Aqua 200m. It also makes use of other new technologies such as; 'grip well', a rough laser cut texture cut into the side of the bezel to help facilitate ease of use when being turned; or the replacement of the traditional screwdown caseback with a 3.mm bombé ground back crystal.

I LOVE companies who think outside the box and applaud Angluar Momentum for doing so and for their refreshing, imaginative and innovative design. The styling isn't going to everyone's' taste, but it isn't intended to be. If you know Angular Momentum you will know that they are a watchmaker who make watches for individuals not the masses.

© Angular Momentum (Click To Enlarge Image)

Angular Momentum’s first high performance diving timepiece - DIVE-TEC/500

From Angular Momentum Two-body Staybrite® 1.4435 NCu watch case with barrel shape centered corns. Revolving bezel with 'Email Lumineuse' diving time indexes and 12.00 mm stainless steel fastening screw.

Stainless steel screwed in tube with 5.00 mm thread, small operation crown, large hexagonal brass protection
crown, 20 micr. lemon gold plated. Email Lumineuse 'Champlevé' dial. hour and minute hand with 'plique à jour' Email Lumineuse.

Front crystal 3.00 mm
bombé sapphire 48.200 ct., back crystal 3.00 mm bombé sapphire crystal 48.200 ct., available in various colors or transparent, leather strap or silicone strap with stainless steel buckle, water-resistant to 500 meters (50ATM), mechanical self-winding movement. Case caliber 46.00 mm x 17.00 mm.

© Angular Momentum (Click To Enlarge Image)

The revolving diving bezel can be easily removed after diving for proper cleaning. The outer 'skin' of the 'grip-well' bezel has a rough texture caused by laser cutting process, which gives every timepiece a unique appearance - like its own finger print.

Angular Momentum has found a new solution for water resistant watch cases.In stead of a screwed on back, the Dive-Tec/500 is built with a back crystal of 3.00 mm bombé ground sapphire crystal of 48.200 ct weight. The crystal is fixed on the watch case with a Hytrel I-Gasket.

The back
crystal can be removed in the Angular Momentum ateliers with a special tool. This simple technique avoids of any water resistance problems which can appear on conventionally constructed watches with screwed in steel backs with rubber O-rings, especially after several years of use. The sapphire back crystal is available in different colors or transparent.

Every DIVE-TEC/500 timepiece is completely manufactured in the Angular Momentum ateliers, piece for piece and not in large series. Therefore small differences appear from piece to piece.

© Angular Momentum (Click To Enlarge Image)

Staybrite® 1.4435 NCu represents a new alloy composition, which has been developed to meet the advanced requirements of the high-end Swiss watch industry. It is a Swiss made stainless steel and is considered the best purest steel which dominate the stainless steel world of today.

Èmail Lumineuse

The Èmail Lumineuse is a recent development of Angular Momentum and a fusion of enamel and a non-radioactive, organic substance which is in the position to glow for many hours after being loaded under light for a period of 10 minutes.

The Èmail Lumineuse used on the Dive-Tec/500 is „Aqua Blue“ for the secondary information indexes and hour hand and the quick loading „Pale Green“ for the primary information: indexes dive time and minute hand. The glowing capacity of the Email Lumineuse exceeds those of the the luminous substances used in Horology today by far.

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