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By TLex When she's not hovering round the skies at night on her little broomstick. Sabrina the witch is most likely logging onto her favorite dive watch blog, looking for the ultimate dive watch to compliment her cute witches' outfit. And yeah, she probably practices a little black magic on the side, too. But let's not hold that against her!

Whilst we're on the subject! Here's some Black Magic from Germany's SCHAUMBURG WATCH. Sometimes we forget what's been hiding right under our noses. I have to admit with the scores of new dive watch companies popping up all over the place, I sometimes neglect to keep track of those that I should be tracking!

I'll let the pictures do the talking. The first two AQUAMATIC models feature the ever popular semi-tactical look with steel cases and PVD bezels. A look (I think I have mentioned in the past) that I find irresistible. The second two are the Black TWO & THREE (orange face).

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