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Chris Benz SHARK PROOF Dive Watches (intro)


" The feeling of weightlessness in water, experiencing nature at its most intact and testing your strength against the rulers of the oceans. That is the fascination of the deep bule sea. And what's the best way to survive being attacked by the Great White Shark? By making sure you are evenly matched. With CHRIS BENZ. "

By TLex
Please take the time to read through the fascinating story of CHRIS BENZ watches, which are developed by professional divers, dive guides, world class surfers and sailors alike, and then tested and improved in their test centers in Germany and South Africa.

I will be following up shortly with a post outlining all their models with full specs, pricing and hi-res images. Stay tuned!


* Sapphire crystal

* Screw locked crown

* Helium valve

* Electronic depthmeter

* Single sided turntable bezel

* Trailing hand (depthmeter)

* 200 - 1000m water-resistance


From CHRIS BENZ The story of Chris Benz diving watches is the story of a young man's passion for the sea and water sports. Already as a young boy, Chris Benz, great-grandson of the founder of the Württemberg Watch Factory, was a water sports enthusiast and diver, who often spent more time under the water than over it.

He joined forces with friends and other divers, surfers, sailing and diving instructors and watersports professionals who shared his passion for the fascinating world of water. This group formed the core of the Chris Benz Ocean Team, which leading watersports enthusiasts and professionals, men and women are welcome to join and which also provides sponsorship.

The experienced underwater and overwater sports aficionados and professionals of the Chris Benz Ocean Team were not fully satisfied with any of the diving watches available on the market. Each watch had its own qualities, but there were always details that did not match up to their ideas, and they came to the conclusion that the perfect diving watch was not to be had for love or money. After lots of tests, shop-talk and consultation, they decided what constitutes a 'proper' diving watch.

They remembered the well documented story of a certain Lamborghini, who, unhappy with his Ferrari, decided there and then to build a better sports car himself. What could be more natural than for the team to develop the perfect diving watch themselves? As professionals they knew what other professionals needed and as an entrepreneur Chris knew how translate
their needs and requirements into an affordable product.

This marked the creation of the first models of the Chris Benz Collection, and the response from divers and watersports enthusiasts was both immediate and positive. Without expensive advertising campaigns, the Chris Benz brand, which now includes 8 basis models of diving watches in over 103 versions, has become a genuine contender on the watersports scene.

After all, divers who put their trust in their watches every single day, and whose lives often depend on the reliability of their watches, will only be convinced by a watch that has proved itself in practice.

As probably the only „pure-bred“ diving watch brand in the world, the exclusive. Chris Benz Collection, which consists solely of these products, is noted for its uncompromising functionality and superior workmanship. Precision mechanismus, reliable display instruments and guaranteed diveproof up to 1000 Meters - all this comes as standard.


In addition, the watch glasses are made of scratch-proof sapphire glass, whose hardness of 9 is surpassed only by diamond (standard watch glasses have a hardness of 6,5), while the large, handy lunettes on the depthmeter watch models are easy to adjust even when wearing neonprene gloves. Above all, the design and execution of the marine stainless casings and the straps is extremely robust, capable of withstanding even the bite of a Great White Shark.

As proof of this, the watches were subjected to a real life bite test by a Great White Shark in Shark Alley, the waters off Gansbaai in South Africa, under the supervision of world-famous 'Shark King' André Hartmann. Only Chris Benz diving watches, which survived this bite test, are rightfully entitled to the SHARK PROOF label.

The high incidence of seals in Shark Alley, the preferred prey of sharks, means that not only these ocean predators are found here in very large numbers, but also divers, biologists and 'shark tourists', hoping to observe these fascinating creatures at close quarters.

The Shark Proof test is carried out under real conditions by experienced divers and shark experts. Inexperienced watersports enthusiasts are strongly advised not to try this test themselves when encountering sharks. While it may certainly be possible to ward off a shark attack with a well-aimed blow from a Chris Benz, it is definitely preferable to treat these elegant sea predators with the respect they deserve and admire them from a safe distance.


These watches, which are extremely popular with professional and amateur divers as well as other watersports enthusiasts and trendsetters, are designed to withstand the toughest underwater use and impress with their uncompromising ergonomic design, outstanding reliability and superior workmanship.

Most models are available not only with the classic black face, but also in versions with face colors such as deep sea blue, shark silver, signal buoy fluorescent yellow, Caribbeanblue (mother-of-pearls) or sea anemone pink (mother-of-pearls) -- colors reminiscent of the sea and fascinating underwater world. All the models have high-quality precision mechanisms with date display, screw-down crown, one-way rotating bezel, face with digits and hands illuminated in Caribbeanblue and a durable high-quality rubber strap.


The watch glasses are made from ultra-scratchproof sapphire glass, with a hardness of 9, surpassed only by diamond (standard watch glasses have a hardness of 6.5). The rugged oversized marine stainless steel casing with screwed-down base bearing an engraved serial number is a special feature of the CHRIS BENZ watches.


Naturally the new shark bite-resistant models - proven to withstand the bite of Great White Shark - share the same features as all CHRIS BENZ diving watches. This test was carried out by the international CHRIS BENZ Ocean Team, made up of shark experts, professional divers and designers, in Shark Alley, the waters off Gaansbai in South Africa.

The watches were subjected to the bite test by real Great White Sharks in the wild. Only CHRIS BENZ watches, which have survived these bite tests, may rightfully be described as shark-bite resistant.

©Chris Benz / National Geographic

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