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From BENARUS The Benarus Megalodon was a grass roots watch design that began in the official Benarus forum. With the input and drawings of many people, the idea started to become a reality. Benarus founder Ralf Schreiner then invested time, money, and extensive travel to source the best facilities, case manufacturers and components to turn the drawings into this outstanding finished piece.

The design of the Benarus Megalodon is a tribute to the largest shark to ever live on this planet, Carcharodon megalodon, which could grow to more than 18 metres (59 ft) long and with a body mass of 70 metric tons (77 short tons) or more. The Megalodon had 3 types of teeth and it had a total of about 250 teeth in its jaws

© Benarus

The dial design of the Benarus Megalodon symbolizes the teeth of C. Megalodon while the case and bezel measuring 49mm represents the body mass and size of the shark.

With a depth rating of 2,500 meters, an automatic HRV, 4.5mm sapphire crystal, and screw down crown and case back the Benarus Megalodon has no trouble reaching down into deep dark waters.

A Swiss made ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement and an oversized timing bezel assures you the best quality instrument for diving and daily time keeping.

© Benarus

Availability - This Megalodon design is gearing up for production in a Limited Edition of 100 pieces. The Edition number will be engraved on the case back. The case sample is nearly complete and the first rough version is shown here below. For reservation information and pricing please check the Benarus website.

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