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Depth Meters & Dive Computers (Cool Bathtime Toys)

By TLex: I'm on the hunt for a new toy for the bathtub! The rubber duck's going into retirement. Number one on my list is the 1990 Seiko Scubamaster M726, actually there's a gold version the M725 that I would love to get hold of, but they are quite hard to come by especially ones in mint condition, which is what I'm after.

In my search I also came across the M705 and the M796, although in my opinion not as good looking as the M725 both are just a well equipped.

I have always been an admirer of the Citizen Aqualand especially JP2000-08E and its sibling the JP2004-07E both circa 1990. I have often considered an Eco-Drive 20th Anniversary Aqualand JV0030-01E or JV0055-51E the yellow titanium version.

I don't know too much about the Cyber Aqualand, or the Casio Sea Pathfinder, but they look cool. And I love the look of the Casio MD-703 which I'm also on the hunt for.

I am throwing a St.Moritz Nereos into the hat as I have heard great things about them and they are very similar to the Aqualand in spec and look.

By the way I have a lot more info on pricing and specs for each model that I will add to this post in the coming days.



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  1. The best features that 1990 Seiko Scubamaster M726it has water sensor and depth sensor and that displayed diving time and depth, vital information for divers, this device was known as the first computerised diver's watch.

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