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By TLex:
I have been following closely the progress of the Pita Oceana since early 2006 when the Oceana prototype was first presented at Baselworld 2006.

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In fact an Oceana prototype had been made as early as 2005. 4 years on, 2009 is upon us and the Oceana is in its final stages of production, just weeks away from an actual release, when orders will finally be taken for the watch and its numerous customization options.

It's been a long wait for Pita and an even longer wait for those of us who have been following the Oceana story, but Pita wanted to get every last detail right. And I'm sure it will have been a worthwhile wait.

Barcelona based Pita have a small highly skilled team of watchmakers who pride themselves on innovation and quality craftsmanship.

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Here's a little background Aniceto Jiménez Pita:

Aniceto Jiménez Pita a self-taught watchmaker and AHCI member has been passionate about watches since his early childhood. Aniceto creates his timepieces from idea inception to final personalization.

Every creation by Pita has its own personal appeal and is crafted with a unique purpose, ranging from the Carousel where the whole movement rotates in its own axis to tell time, to the 5000m water resistant Oceana diver’s watch with 2 patented systems.

As Aniceto believes not everything has been invented in mechanical watchmaking yet, he has devoted himself to the search of creative innovations that could bring new functionalities or simplify the aesthetics of mechanical watches, patenting some of his ideas."

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As stated above the Oceana has 2 patented systems for a water-entry free case,
allowing for an exceptionally high depth rating of plus 5000 meters. Pretty incredible considering the watch's modest 43mm X 18mm case dimensions, and pretty much on par with the 3900m rated Rolex DEEPSEA.

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Another unique feature of the Oceana is its crownless case. Time is adjusted by means of its remote transmission located on the case back. This is one way of insuring such an unbreachable case.

Its lack of seal joints between its 9.8mm thick rounded polycarbonate crystal and its case, makes it maintenance-free. Please note that in addition to the
polycarbonate crystal a second Japanese made sapphire crystal will also be made available as an option.

You will be bale to customize your Oceana on Pita's website shortly. Case material options will include: Stainless steel, titanium, PVD, brass, gold and platinum.There will also be options for bezels, dials and and handsets.

That's all I have on the Oceana for the time being, but Daniel from Pita will shortly be sending me further images and details of the release. As always watch this space!

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© Pita

The ultimate dive watch: water resistant up to 5000 meters.

2 patented systems for a water-entry free case: Pita-TSM (Time Setting Mechanism) and Pita-RT (Remote Transmission). No crown, no back cover, no weak points.

Pita-003 Movement, allowing time setting under water.

9.8mm thick rounded polycarbonate crystal. No seal joint between crystal and steel case, maintenance-free.

Modular case construction. Star-shaped second hand featuring a chromatic depth meter. Inverted rotary bezel with 120 positions for timer function.

Available in stainless steel, 18 ct. Gold, or Platinum 950.

Assortment of bezels, dials, hands, straps and buckles to choose from. Customizable.

Numbered and limited series.

Case dimensions: Ø43mm, height 18mm. Strap 22mm.

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