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Many of you have asked me to review some dive watches for you. I am very close to completing my first semi-comprehensive review.

I plan to review some 20 dive watches or more over the coming months. Manufacture, boutique and beaters alike.
All reviews will be as a result of my own personal experiences with each dive watch.

I will try to be as objected as possible, but being the optimist that I am, and given my taste in dive watches will be hard pushed to come across much I don’t like about any given dive watch that I own. I will review each dive watch based on its own merits.

Comparisons will be carried out separately.
The rating system is not based on any other system out there; if it’s similar to anything else, it’s by coincidence only. I have no idea how well it will work either, but I thought it would be a bit of fun.

Each watch will be scored on 10 criteria:

Aesthetic (appeal)


Case (case / caseback / crown / bezel / crystal)


Bracelet / strap





A score of 0-5 can be awarded for each of the criteria and an overall rating out of 5 will be given after all scores have averaged.

Decimal points will be round up to the nearest .5 for ease (my math is terrible).

I hope that my reviews and ratings will aid anyone thinking of buying any of the watches I have in my collection. And most importantly that you enjoy reading them. Many thanks!

Below Gratuitous dive watch
image for your time! (Eterna Kontiki Diver 1000m)


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