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KORSBEK (Dive Watches Made for Divers)

By TLex There are an abundance of great quality dive watches available these days, but how many of these watches were specifically designed with the diver in mind?

A large number of watches pertaining to be dive watches aren’t actually practical for use in the real world of professional or recreational diving. I know this because I have bought and owned many of these watches myself!

Busy dials, reflective surfaces, poorly designed bezels that cannot be easily manipulated whilst wearing a divers glove, insecure clasps and poor lume to name but a few areas that are often overlooked by dive watchmakers.

KORSBEK, however have geared all their dive watches towards actual divers and military personnel. You won’t find any gimmicky or unnecessary design elements in a KORSBEK dive watch.

What you will find are dive watches made from the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel with:

AR coated (domed) sapphire crystals, reliable Swiss automatic movements, simple uncluttered dials and hands applied with C3 Superluminova, German made brushed or bead-blasted cases fitted with HEVs, double ‘o’ ring sealed engraved casebacks , brushed or bead-blasted bracelets with solid end links. All appropriately packaged in a sturdy orange Pelican case.

Korsbek’s first model the Ocean Explorer (below) was very well received by the dive watch community.

Korbek’s latest model the Oceaneer (below) follows on nicely from the OE, but has a slightly larger 45mm case and black bezel inlay. A full PVD bezel will be made available for the Oceaneer.



Crown Screw-locked, signed.

Bezel 60-clicks, rotating, unidirectional (counter-clockwise) bezel with black inlay.

Case back Stainless steel, engraved and screw locked with double O-rings. Individually numbered.

Bracelet Bead blasted stainless steel. Solid end links. Micro-adjustable flip lock clasp with an integrated diving extension feature.

Ratings Water Resistant 1000 meters (3300 ft with crown screwed down); anti-magnetic (80,000 a/m); shock resistant; pressure-proof to 100 atmospheres.

Accessories Orange Pelican case, 2 screw drivers, rubber strap, extra screwbar, lug tool, 2 bracelet links, polishing cloth, and Warranty card.

Korsebek have three new proposed models. More details can be found about them on the official Korsbek Forum.

Reconnaissance GMT

Sea Rover

Hydro Explorer

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