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Single Red DEEP SEA Jacques Piccard Edition

By TLex A truly jaw dropping custom version of the Seadweller DEEP SEA. Below are details of the Single Red DEEP SEA 'Jacques Piccard Edition' and the background on how it came to be. A truly fitting tribute to a legendary underwater explorer. I have since been in contact with Philipp, here is his SingleRedDeepSea website, it's up but no content is available as of yet.

From Philipp Stahl I am proud to announce the introduction of the Single Red Deep Sea - Jacques Piccard edition, after official approval by Mr. Bertrand Piccard, son of Jacques Piccard.

With this special edition we would like to honour Mr Piccard's life. A total of 86 examples will be made, that's one for each year that Mr. Piccard lived. A part of the revenue will be donated to the Jacques Piccard Foundation (Foundation pour l'Etude des Lacs et des Océans - Foundation for the Study and Protection of Seas and Lakes) based in Cully Switzerland.

The black DLC Coated Rolex Deep Sea with single red painting and special backside engraving will come with a customized black drybox with goodies such as a copy of the Jacques Piccard book: Seven Miles Down: the Story of the Bathyscaph Trieste unit 1961....

The engineer and deep-sea explorer Jacques Piccard, who has died aged 86, made many contributions to the development of deep-sea exploration and marine conservation. But he will be best remembered for one remarkable feat: on January 26 1960, in the bathyscaphe Trieste, he and Lieutenant Don Walsh of the US navy reached the bottom of the Challenger Deep, east of the Philippine Islands. At 10,900 meters (35,761 feet), located in the Mariana Trench, this is the deepest possible human descent into the abyss.

For the history of Rolex, their development towards a perfect toolwatch, Jacques Piccard played an important role. After his successful mission, with the Rolex Deep Sea Special attached on the outside, Piccard sent a telegram to Rolex in Geneva saying "I am happy to confirm that even at 11,000 meters your watch is as precise as on the surface. Best regards, Jacques Piccard" the watch holds up to a pressure of 1,150 atm or 1,150 kgs per cm2.

For me it's an honor to bring out a special customized Rolex dedicated to a man who explored the deepest level on earth and played a important role within my passion, Rolex and it's history....

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