Pierre Kunz G021 Sport

By TLex: If SIHH had a theme this year it was Divers Watches and here's another! Pierre Kunz's new Diver features some very interesting design elements, both contemporary and vintage. You will notice the 'old skool' style depth meter attatched to the side of the case, good to 80 meters and hardly aesthetically pleasing, but not a problem as it is detachable. The dial is adorned with a divers flag. I love the idea of the divers flag, but personally I'm not into red. The rest of the watch looks great!

© Pierre Kunz

© Kishidadays

* Peiere Kunz
G021 Sport Diver

* Case
stainless steel / 44mm (thickness 13.75mm)

* Movement
Cal.PK2001-1519-B (ETA2892 base)
Automatic, 28,800 vibrations/sec, 42 hrs power reserve

* Functions
80m depth meter

* Bracelet
rubber strap

* Water-resistant

9500Euro (Due for release this Fall)

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