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Ocean7 LM7 Finally Ready

By TLex: More than 2yrs in the making The 'LM-7' is Ocean7's answer to the fabled Omega 'Seamaster 600', better know as the 'PloProf'. The uniquely designed 'PloProf', a diver that was in Omega's collection in the 70's has become one of the most sought after and iconic dive watches ever to be produced. Antiquorum’s 'Omega Mania' auctions only further fueled the hype surrounding this watch. Prices of this once affordable diver soon reached 10-15000 dollars. This put the 'PloProf' out of reach for many dive watch collectors, until now that is.

LM-7 gives you the look and feel of the original vintage piece with dependability and durability of a brand new dive watch that is ocean ready, and you won't have to dig too deeply into your savings either with the LM-7 costing a mere 1200USD. A great deal in my opinion and hell of a lot of dive watch for your money. This is without doubt going to be one of the hottest dive watch release this Christmas. Ocean7 will begin shipping on December 15th.

© Ocean7

From Ocean7: Face it - dive watches are cool, and the OCEAN7 LM-7 is the coolest of them all! Wear a dive watch and you can go deep, face hostile creatures, disastrous waves, and miserable weather. Return home, change into a tux, and enjoy your evening with the LM-7 strapped to your wrist.

The LM-7 Dive Watch is history on your wrist. Taking its inspiration from dive watches of the past worn by well known explorers and adventurers, the LM-7 is a pleasure to wear and enjoy.

© Ocean7

* Brushed Steel Case
* Swiss Automatic Movement

* Diameter - 55mm x 42 mm

* Height - 17mm
* Swiss Super Luminova C3

* Flat Sapphire Crystal with Inside AR Coating

* PU Rubber Sport Strap

* Water Resistance - 1000m/3300ft

* 24mm Lug Spacing
* Screw Down Crown with Etched O7 Logo

* Turning Bezel with Locking Pushbutton

* Weight - 110 grams

* Luminous Sapphire Bezel Insert

* Includes Red Anodized and Brushed Aluminum Bezel Lock Pushbuttons
* Black PU PloProf strap

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