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By TLex:
New from Linde Werdelin is the 'Sea Instrument'. The first ever luxury dive computer, God knows what millionaire playboys have been using since now, but there's finally something on the market to impress the odd mermaid or two with when cruising the reefs of the Caribbean or Maldives. I want one badly, but I had better get the watch first!

From Linde Werdelin: We are committed to the unparalleled design of luxury sports watches and digital sports instruments, unveils the LINDE WERDELIN Sea Instrument; the world’s first luxury dive computer.

Pushing the boundaries of the modern day dive computer the Sea Instrument blends groundbreaking technology, precision and craftsmanship with the very best in Danish design and software. Cased in lightweight aluminium, divers can choose either a natural or black anodised aluminium finish. For the ultimate style piece a small number have been commissioned in solid 18K yellow gold. With distinct design in these first class, non-corrosive materials, the Sea Instrument easily attaches on top of the architectural and robust LINDE WERDELIN Biformeter watches, for divers of all abilities.

To partner with the signature LINDE WERDELIN Biformeter watches, the Sea Instrument has been meticulously developed in conjunction with professional divers and boasts a transflective colour screen; the first time such advanced technology has been used in a dive computer. The display is covered by sapphire crystal glass, second only to diamond in hardness, ensuring complete scratch resistance. With an easy to use interface, it offers superior legibility underwater responding automatically to the environment and the conditions both on land and under water giving a first class display even in the most awkward of light situations.

Whilst it won’t protect the user against sharks, it will constantly guide divers by tracking the critical pieces of information needed on any dive using an advanced 3-axis compass, CPU’s and alarm systems.

Presenting the data, using strong graphical displays, it features the divers depth, dive time, vital decompression stops, temperature, maximum depth and surface interval times, constantly keeping the user in a real time picture.

"We are very excited about the launch of the new LINDE WERDELIN Sea Instrument. This is the first time that such a sophisticated piece of sports equipment has been achieved with a truly luxurious finish," comments Morten Linde, Creative Designer and Founder of LINDE WERDELIN.

"Our goal has always been to create high quality yet easy to use products that provide all the necessary protection, guidance and re-experience information needed when participating in sporting activities without compromising on style. The Sea Instrument achieves just that.

" LINDE WERDELIN has pioneered this entirely unique idea; seamlessly blending timekeeping sophistication with ultra-powerful yet easy to use digital sports instruments, it is a distinctive creation born from a life-long friendship and a passion for skiing and watches. By launching the Sea Instrument, the Founders, Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, achieve their goal of bringing their original idea for LINDE WERDELIN full circle. The idea of elegant watches with a family of attachable digital sports instruments bringing on the spot precision on land or in the sea.

Natural Aluminum

Blackened Aluminum

Case material: Solid anodised aluminium upper case in natural or

black finish, sapphire crystal; black polymer back case

Weight (est): 150 grams (including 15ml internal fluid)
Function mode: Land Mode
Dive Mode – (featuring Buhlmann's algorithm)
Log and Save – 60 hours of continuous log

Display: 55mm transflective LCD colour screen 220x176 pixels; 260,000 colours Automatic display light adjustment

Technology: High performance / Low-power multiple CPU platform 2.4GHz wireless
sensor network
128Mbit flash memory
4 button user interface
Upgradeable software and log transfer to PC

Sensors: Internal pressure sensor to 130m
Internal 3 - axis compass with tilt sensor
Internal temperature sensor
In water sensor
Light sensor

Power: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with 28 hours
continuous diving or 5 days standby

Water resistance: 300m water resistant, 1,000 feet

Accessories: Charger with USB 2.0 and 2.4GHz wireless interface

MSRP: 18K 23000GBP Natural Aluminum 1000GBP

18K Yellow Gold

© Linde Werdelin

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