DEEP BLUE Watches DAYNIGHT DIVER PC [bad ass rainbow warrior]

The rainbow that beautiful sign of hope that if you’re lucky enough you can catch right after a storm as the sun is coming back out to play. Nowadays it has become a symbol of inclusivity and diversity more than anything else. But DB’s new DayNight Diver PC has just made it a symbol absolute bad-ass-ery! This new DayNight Diver PC from Deep Blue Watches is one of their popular daily beater come special ops military watches. A watch that is ready for business with its military-style stenciled black numerals and matte white dial. But once the lights are turned down low it reveals a whole new playful side. Its tough, lightweight carbon case weighs a mere three ounces and equipped with a sapphire crystal, screw-down crown and case-back, allowing for 300m of water-resistance. Power comes from an automatic Seiko NH 35 movement with a date function, and boasting 17x T100 Tritium Capacity tubes in green, orange, red, ice-blue and lavender!

Thoughts? Sorry, folks just got word from DB that this has just SOLD OUT – damn! Such a cool watch. 


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  1. How come it happens that often that you present watches that are already sold-out?


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