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It has been difficult to focus on much else other than the atrocities that are currently being perpetrated against a friendly, democratic and courageous nation of 44 million by a deranged autocrat and his armies; let alone considering treating yourself to another new wristwatch – but there is perhaps one watch company based in Ukraine’s besieged capital, Kyiv that could certainly appreciate our support. Certainly if you want to help (asides going there to join the resistance) you could consider donating to any of these bona fide organizations: The British Red Cross, With Ukraine, UNICEF, Voices of Children, Revived Soldiers of Ukraine, Save the Children Emergency Fund and UNHCR Refugee Agency. But there is another way – supporting Ukrainian businesses, which is why I am posting this little Ukrainian beater which is inspired by the bravery of the Ukrainian servicemen. Introducing the Kleynod Forces a series of watches designed in a military style. The collection was developed for military people and those with an active lifestyle: a Stainless steel case, mineral glass, silicone strap, steel buckle, and luminescent coating for marks of the dial and arrows – all provide durability under any conditions. The line is presented in two designs: a minimalistic one for classics lovers and a traditional with motives of the Ukrainian trident. There are 4 variants to choose from in total. MSRP is 199USD. Kleynod AKA the Kyiv Watch Factory is the first and only Ukrainian enterprise engaged in serial production of watches. It was founded in 1997 in Kyiv. In November 2002, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, the plant began manufacturing watches under the Kleynod brand. Today, Kleynod has more than 30 points of sale in Ukraine: a showroom in Kyiv, an online store and stores of trading partners. The brand’s corporate clients are state organizations and the largest companies in Ukraine. More than 200,000 watches have been produced under the Kleynod brand in 17 years. Among the owners of watches are many famous people from show business, heroes of Ukraine, politicians and others. Join them!

Thoughts? To some this little Ukrainian military beater might have the looks only a mother could truly love and ironically it would possibly look a little better on a NATO strap rather than its current tire-track one, and compared to a well-known military watch hailing from an aggressor nation, next door it is rather unassuming (there’s a frighteningly similar, David vs Goliath parody of the current reality in Ukraine for you) but I know damn well which one I would rather be wearing and know exactly which underdog I am rooting for, every day and which nation’s people have humbled me with their bravery. 

Slava Ukraini; I stand with Ukraine!

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