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[Synergy of DIVE-TIME] 

The Synchron name first surfaced in the Swiss watch industry as a union of smaller watch brands; formed with the purpose of offering a mutually beneficial synergy wherein each brand would be able to draw upon a shared pool of expertise and resources, thus the name “Synchron”.

The Modern Synchron brand as we know it was founded in the 1990s with the ambition of plucking once thriving brands from obscurity; those with iconic products, but had like so many fallen foul of the Quartz Crisis of the 1970s.

[group DYNAMICS] 

Not only this, but Synchron were pioneers of ecommerce within the watch industry offering their partners the ability to reach their customers directly through online sales. Since then Synchron has grown into a multi brand group.

The group incorporates legendary names like: Aquadive, ISOfrane and Tropic and has continued to bring back lost treasures of the Swiss watch world by offering distribution services to numerous brands such as; Traser, Aquastar and many others.


Today, Synchron have turned a new and exciting chapter in their decades long history where they too are able to receive acknowledgement for their contribution to the dive watch segment (in particular) by putting their name on a watch dial for the first time – and that watch is the Synchron Military.


The bringing together of modern watchmaking and vintage style is nothing new in the watch industry. 

We have seen a slew of brands born again into the modern world; their designs hark back to a bygone era while their physical components are engineered using the latest that the industry has to offer.

However the SYNCHRON Military diver doesn’t just simply combine the aesthetics of the 1970s and the technology of the 2020s. 

It has been created as a masterful play on the popular modern-vintage watch - once you hold one in your hands it will trick your mind!

You won’t be able to tell whether it is an immaculate vintage NOS timepiece or a contemporary reproduction from 2020, not until you notice the modern CNC technology utilized to create its case, its sapphire bezel inlay nor for that matter the sense of passing time that its aged Tritium-like SuperLuminova evokes.

[that 70s GLOW] 

For so many of us the 1970s, was the pinnacle of watch design; sure I was barely a twinkle in my father’s eyes, and by the end of the decade I was still in short trousers but I have learnt, I have seen what came out of the 70s and it was good.

And I don’t just mean Star Wars or the Jaws movies either – watch designs were on point – fashion, hairstyles not so much but the watches – oh yeah, which is exactly why it is so often revisited. Just tell me how many designs from the 80s or 90s have been revived – I’ll tell you – exactly none.

This new offering, a debut design from a new brand (sort of at a least new label) that has been in the wings for decades, the Synchron Military Frogman Homage epitomizes all that is good about 70s watches with richly reproduced colors, and bold, high-contrast dial markings in a watch that represents the pinnacle of diver’s watch utility – 

an all too brief epoch where distinctive, innovative and purposeful design was combined with beautifully sculpted cases that gave way to a degree of form and function we rarely see toady.

Follow the link embedded, below to ORDER the new Military Frogman Homage watch from SYNCHRON’s online store where it has an introductory price of 990USD.


What Synchron lack in heritage is made up for with an encyclopedic level of knowledge, an unquestionable degree expertise and a level of experience only found from those that have spent decades working within the field of modern vintage diver’s watches.

This has the hallmarks of a great watch with a solid level of specification and a realistic price-point. What do you think?

TECHNICAL spec. for SYNCHRON 70s Military Frogman Homage 

Dimensions 42mm (diameter) by 45mm (lug-to-lug) by 12.5mm (thick) / 14mm (incl. case-back) 

Case Material: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless steel 

Bezel: 37mm, unidirectional with 120-click cycle and sapphire inlay plus luminous dive-time scale 

Lume: Swiss SuperLuminova on hands and markers 

Water-resistance 30bar (approx. 300m /666ft) 

Strap: Genuine Tropic rubber or optional ISOfrane rubber diver’s straps 

Movement: Swiss made ETA 2824-2 in Elabore Grade


  1. Ordered the black pvd!!! Anxiously waiting for it!

    1. That would have been my choice along with a green Tropic or ISOfrane.Congrats. 😎

  2. Ordered my Synchron Military in Stainless before they are all gone!

  3. Based on the Doxa Army, google it.

  4. interesting watch, looks like something you can dive with and then wear in a disco dance club. interesting bezel, makes you rethink the way you plan/control your dive with the countdown bezel.

  5. 70s underwater disco diving! 😎

  6. the question is, is it certified for disco dancing? the diving cert is straight forward, just a static pressure test. For disco dancing there are a wide range of load cases depending on the style and dancer. not sure how that would work. The issue is the interaction of the automatic movement and the disco dance moves... very complicated

  7. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha nice one!

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  9. Quite funny, Doxa shows exactly the same watch the same day...

  10. It was a direct response - quite silly really.