Here’s a quick look at Eterna’s current diver / sport lineup. It’s been a while since we’ve had any real news from the brand –

you could say that they have somewhat stagnated since they were bought out by Citychamp Watch & Jewelry Group Limited AKA China Haidian Holdings Limited, in 2012.

BTW, although listed on the Hongkong stock exchange the company actually comes from the Mainland –

not that there is anything (excuse me while I clear my throat) bad in that per se, but it is sad that one of Switzerland’s beloved brands went the way it did, such is the world we are living in.

Anyway it’s not all doom and gloom for Eterna, the Super KonTiki which I am still hugely fond of, remains in the brand’s current lineup in several iteration – they are all hot.

In addition there is a new sports model the KonTiki Adventure and a new diver, the aptly named KonTiki Diver.

Both these models are based on the current KonTiki Bronze Diver; although the Adventure has a slightly different feel with its own handset. It also has an exhibition case-back.

Basic spec. for the KonTiki Bronze Diver is: a 44mm Bronze case with 200m. Power comes from Eterna EMC 3902A. MSRP is 3580CHF.

Basic spec. for the KonTiki Diver is: a 44mm Stainless steel case with 200m. Power comes from a Sellita SW200-1. MSRP is 2070 to 2180CHF.

Basic spec. for the KonTiki Adventure is: a 44mm Stainless steel or Bronze case with 100m. Power comes from a Soprod A10 (Bronze) or Eterna EMC 3902A (Steel). MSRP is 3100 to 3340CHF.

Thoughts? These are all nice looking watches but do they look any better than a reasonable to good quality Micro brand?

Personally I’d take any Aquadive, Doxa, ZRC or even Zodiac over any of these. How bout’ you?


  1. Kontiki Adventure models, all of them, have Soprod A10 movement. It does NOT have EMC 3902A movement, its just silly mistake on Eterna website :)

    100% confirmed, as I have seen all the models in one local shop, movement is identical for all. I even wrote email to Eterna and told them to fix mistake on website, but they never replied :)


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