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I’m gonna’ start this post off with a strong warning – please don’t take drugs, boys and girls; this is sadly what happens when a dive watch manufacturer drops acid on the job!

As if the Abyssus wasn’t already trippy, enough Visconti has given the case and dial of its sibling diver, the Sport Dive 3000 a special iridescent film.

The dial which Visconti themselves call surprising (no sh!t) sports a massive Skull & Rose design, red and yellow colored hands and a date wheel offset at an angle at 2 o’clock.

BTW, the Skull & Rose design is derived from an historic Italian Special Forces insignia.

The watch, as mentioned above is the offspring of Visconti’s debut diver the Scuba Abyssus 3000, so is endowed with a Monobloc case, a thick Sapphire crystal, an HEV, a removable diver’s bezel and 3000 meters of water-resistance.

Power comes from a Swiss auto based, on the Soprod 9340. There are two variants – each costing 5400euro. Thoughts - Marmite at best; bloody horrific at worst. Am I being too harsh? ;)


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