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‘nimo are back! That’s Anonimo, as in the Italian watchmakers that left Panerai when they were taken over by Cartier and set up on their own for a few years until they went tits up and ended up working with Italian writing instrument makers, Visonti – not the current Swiss Anonimo.

What I meant to say was, the Anonimo Millemetri is back – sort of, a little bit – well at least there’s a little of its essence in this new 1000m fixed bezel diver collection from Visconti.

The collection known as Majorca (not digging the name) gently recalls some of those wonderful watches that we so fondly miss from Anonimo and Dino Zei. What do you think?

The Majorca collection is made up of 5 models: 3 x three hand models of which two are in bronze – one with an olive green dial, one in black plus a steel version also with a black dial.

Then there are two chronograph models: one in steel with a tobacco dial and the other in bronze with a royal blue dial.

The watch cases have a diameter of 43mm (perfect) and are equipped with detachable lugs. While the three hand variants are water-resistant to 1000m or 1000 Metri (you dig), the chronos are rated to 200 meters.

Prices start from 2700euro (steel, 3 hands) – 4100euro (bronze, chrono).

Thoughts? Not too shabby, really; it’s a pity they didn’t put a cheeky manual HEV on the 3 hands case as that would have been even more Millemetri-esque.


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