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Quench your thirst for a vintage-style GMT diver with this new Black Bay Pepsi from Tudor!

Equipped with a new caliber MT5652 manufacture movement powering a red snow-flake GMT hand and –

a classic red and blue 24Hr bezel and you have yourself the new Tudor Black Bay GMT, the newest heritage diver on the block. Well this and the new FIFTY-EIGHT – we’ll get to that next. ;)

Distinguished by its deep blue and burgundy timing-bezel the Black Bay has never looked so? Purposeful, it has actually looked better on several occasions. The colors BTW were lifted directly from another BB only with a matte finish.

The BB GMT is available with a choice of three different strap / bracelet options that include an old-school riveted Stainless steel tapered bracelet, an aged leather band and a black NATO with a red pinstripe running down its middle.

The bracelet option will set you back 3700CHF while either of the other strap options cost 3400CHF.

I fully appreciate the aesthetic of these BB divers but, surely it’s about time we put anodized aluminum bezel inlays in the past where they belong. Just my two cents worth.

Thoughts? Actually the Black Bay is growing on me – I had found it a little yawn-worthy but I guess as I’m maturing (there’s a worry), the slightly sober models are becoming more and more appealing.

I do think it was a missed opportunity not putting either red or blue on the crown sleeve. A Pepsi NATA would have been pretty cool too but perhaps too pimped out?

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