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TUDOR Black Bay FIFTY-EIGHT [smaller 'n' cooler]

TUDOR has just one more Black Bay up its sleeve for Baselworld 2018 – named after the historic year in which the first Black Bay came into existence, the new BB Fifty-Eight might be the best looking Black Bay yet, but how does it measure up?

That’s a good question because the Fifty-Eight is the new baby of the BB family in more ways than one – firstly it has a modestly sized 39mm diameter whereas its bigger brothers come in at 41mm.

Then there’s its movement, because of its smaller case, it houses a smaller (mid-sized) Tudor COSC-certified manufacture MT5402 caliber, and finally of the new BB releases it is also (only just) the cheapest model at 3100CHF on its NATO or 3400 on its steel bracelet.

Speaking of NATO straps, the black one that it can come with the gold pin-stripe running down its center (à la 70s JPS livery) is absolutely killer. Unfortunately even it could be bought separately;

I don’t think it would be able to fit other models such as the S&G which is shame because it would look bloody stunning on any of the BBs that had any gold dial or case elements. :(

BTW if you were looking for a more authentic sized BB this would be the one to own, as its dimensions are closest to the original.

As mentioned, the new Black Bay Fifty-Eight is named after the year in which the first TUDOR divers’ watch, also waterproof to 200 meters was born. The reference 7924, was affectionately known as the Big Crown.

So we know that the BB Fifty-Eight is proportioned to suit a slimmer wrist, the fairer sex or anyone who prefers a more compact wristwatch, but –

it isn’t just about size, finishing touches in gold have been applied to the hour markers, hands and minute track of the black and steel bezel while the winding crown tube is in traditional satin-brushed steel – should’ve been gold imho.

Thoughts? Is his is just another Black Bay as in Tudo's runaway cash cow? Are we getting tired of all these iterations already or do you want Tudor to keep em' coming? I like it (for my missus. How 'bout you?

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  1. I love it!

    I just want to see more color variations. Maybe a blue/blue version, or a version with silver-colored accents on the bezel instead of gold.

    But, yeah, the smaller case size is just awesome. As it solves the slab-sided look of the larger 41/43 versions of the Black Bay..