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RALF TECH WRX ''A'' Hybrid II Black GIGN

From RALF TECH Le Groupe d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN) is the Elite Unit of the French Gendarmerie in matters of counter-terrorism. The GIGN is trained to manage extreme situations that require the commitment of specially trained and experienced soldiers. GIGN staff is equipped with unique and specific resources. GIGN cooperates daily with police operations for the benefit of units of the Gendarmerie helping deploying special capabilities, resources and procedures.

GIGN usually intervenes specifically in cases of hostage taking, large criminal operations, in the neutralization and arrest of dangerous individuals, in prison mutinies and so on. They respond to immediate risks or threats, or may weigh on French interests abroad by providing supporting capabilities and protection. Its notoriety is international, which gives GIGN an important place in the training of foreign units.

GIGN operates under government direction; takes the lead in matters of aviation counter terrorism operations (PIRATAIR) and for crises in the maritime sector (ship hijacking or attack). GIGN works with marine commandos to counter acts of piracy overseas. It is also preparing to conduct operations in difficult environments and ones grouped under the Pirate NRBC plan.

Specially trained but still working within the framework of police operations, the GIGN men are capable of deploying especially developed capabilities, resources and techniques. Part of the intervention force of GIGN consists of a group of operational divers.

Generally, operations by members of the GIGN may require the use of operational divers. These men use the marine environment as a mean of protection in covert operations. GIGN divers are trained to use closed circuit respirators to move under water without being spotted because of surface bubbles. These divers are used especially in cases of hostage situations on ships. They have the responsibility and accountability of the implementation of the operation on the vessel and may be supported by the Commando Hubert Frogmen.

Already operational in daily operations with Commando Hubert (the elite unit of the Navy) the WRX Hybrid II was also chosen by GIGN operational divers after a six months test campaign. GIGN Special Edition inaugurates the new Black series of the WRX Hybrid II.

The key points that led to the choice of Black WRX Hybrid ®:
- Quartz Cal. 12 x more accurate than a conventional auto
- Self-winding auto-mechanic 60 days charge, no battery
- Reliability and solidity tested in real conditions
- Anti-magnetic so does not interfere with other instruments
- Optimal readability

RALF TECH delivered XXX watches to GIGN on 28 June 2012. For obvious reasons of confidentiality and at the request of the GIGN we are not permitted to disclose the number of items delivered and their numbers.

It is interesting to note that, as it is generally the case with RALF TECH, the decision by GIGN to adopt RALF TECH equipment is a compulsory choice given their operational conditions. A civilian version of this watch is also available for sale in an ultra-limited series of 100 pieces.

The civilian version of the WRX "A" Hybrid® II Black is technically in all aspects similar to that delivered to divers GIGN except for the absence of the GIGN logo and of the engraving showing GIGN Diver Patent Number at back of the watch. This watch is part of Series "A" (A for Army) entirely dedicated to military developments. Technical features of WRX « A » Hybrid® II Black:

> Hybrid® Movement RTH001
> Exclusive quartz system with auto accumulator recharge
> Ultra-fast rotor with Power reserve of 60 days
> Tested water resistant up to 500M / 1650FT
> Complies with ISO 6425 «dive watches» standard
> Hours, minutes, seconds, date, elapsed immersion time
> 47.5mm brushed 316L surgical Steel
> Domed anti-glare sapphire crystal 5.9 mm thick
> Pro. SuperLuminova C3 hands and hour markers
> Unidirectional rotating Steel and aluminum bezel
> Reinforced and protected screw-down crown
> Screw down case back engraved with serial number
> NATO Strap reinforced with leather inserts
> Hypoallergenic silicone strap on 26mm threaded bars
> NATO-approved anti-shock Explorer case

> RRP for the civilian version 1490€
> 100 pieces from 15 September 2012

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