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BLANCPAIN & Gianluca Genoni 160m RECORD

By TLex On the morning of September 28th in Rappallo, Italy, free diver, Gianluca Genoni set off to establish a new record in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. Propelled by an electric scooter, he surfaced several minutes later clutching a tag in his hand, a testament to the fact that he had just reached 160 meters!

What was he wearing? Well, it’s a bit of a mystery really. There's a close-up of someone wearing a Fifty Fathoms however Gianluca was reportedly equipped with his faithful 500 Fathoms watch, perhaps the one that he can be seen wearing destro-style on his right wrist.

The diving instrument that he wore on his left hand disappointingly does not appear to be an  X Fathoms, but something else most likely a Wrist Computer from Mares, the co-sponsor of the event. If you watch the video closely you’ll notice that his wrist becomes bare in some scenes?!

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