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PERRELET Seacraft 777m (new line)

By TLex I have mixed feelings about PERRELET's new Seacraft line; while it is a very pleasing to sea Perretlet producing a full range of divers watches; there is no escaping the the generic look of the Seacraft line, which could in many ways be likened to Omega's Planet Ocean. Perrelet, who have of late been making a name for themselves with their Turbine XL (Double Rotor) have a history dating back to 1777 (hence the 777m depth rating), when Abraham-Louis Perrelet revolutionized the power supply to a movement by developing the automatic winding system for pocket watches.

The fit and finish of the Seacraft watches is exceptional and once I had got past the initial feeling of having seen this look repeated so many times before there were a couple of subtle nuances that I really appreciated, such as the angular case sides, particularly the left lateral side where the HEV has been placed, the exhibition casebacks and the thoughtful push-button divers extender on the clasp. The Seacraft line consists of three basic models; 3 Hands-Date, Chronograph and GMT each available in three colors; black, white or blue. The Chronograph at 45mm is the larger of the three the 3 Hands-Date and GMT each measure 42mm.

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