H2O Hydra Bronze / Hydra Ti G5 + Crystalized Ti [HOT SUMMER SALE]

Two very special versions of the mythical HYDRA join H2O’s HOT SUMMER SALE! They mightn’t possess immortality, head regeneration or even have poisonous blood coursing through their veins but like the Hydra of Greek mythology, the H2O Hydra has killer looks! Realized in either high-tech Grade 5 Titanium or not so ancient CuSn8 Bronze alloy, these Hydras boast stunning dials made from crystalized Titanium. Titanium crystallization arises when optimal heat, pressure and time are brought into balance, creating these incredible crystalline structures on the surface of the Titanium as it cools. And that's as technical as I'm going to get. Beyond their blue crystalized Titanium dials, the Hydra exudes old world charm with its 1940s case architecture which is offered in either Titanium or Bronze. The H2O HYDRA is made from Titanium Grade 5, is about 50% stronger when compared to 316L Stainless steel and is highly resistant against salt water corrosion. The sandwich dial, made from blue heat-colored crystalized titanium material comes with hand-polished hands.

All dial markers and the chromed handset makes use the strongest glowing Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9. 

Framing the crystalized Titanium dial is a rotational bezel engravings that include; classic dots, a handy 12hr GMT, a minimalist single 12hr dot as well as retro California markings using a mix of Arabic and Roman numerals.

Please follow the link HERE to be taken directly to H2O’s Hot Summer Sale.


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