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Introducing the new Squale Drass Galeazzi which is possibly one of if not the coolest dive watch collaborations of the year. Squale has teamed up with Drass Galeazzi – who might they be I hear you ask? 

Well, they are leading subsea industries and technology specialists creating solutions for defense, commercial and medical diving industries.

For example they manufacture saturation diving systems that include: SAT diving bells, hypobaric chambers and rescue systems as well as numerous other offshore and deep sea diving solutions.

Back in 1937, Drass held the Galeazzi world record for immersion with an Atmospheric Diving Suit, and they have been at right at the forefront of commercial diving systems ever since. 

Above's a pic of Roberto Galeazzi Sr. with his deep-sea atmospheric diving suit. Yes, he was totally badass.

Btw some of you might have come across the DRASS name here on OceanicTime, as the Italian subsea specialists also dabbled in a bit of dive watch manufacturing themselves. 

I have still have ONE of their watches.

Today with this new very awesome collab’ from Squale and Drass Galeazzi, the Squale Galeazzi professional diver’s watch is born; resulting in a superb dive watch that pays tribute to the past while delivering a modern avant-gardist aesthetic. The watch itself is inspired by the iconic Squale Master, its polished steel case offers impermeability up to 500 meters thanks to a 4mm-thick Sapphire crystal and is also equipped with a Helium Escape Valve, so that it could be worn by anyone working in the subsea industries. The watch has a classic style thanks to a simple black bezel paired with old radium colored hands and markers all the while combing to produce a vintage aesthetic that commemorates the extraordinary histories of both brands.

The dial features both the Squale logo at 12 o'clock and the classic Galeazzi logo at 6 o'clock with the company’s full trading name “DRASS GALEAZZI TECNOLOGIE SOTTOMARINE” (submarine technologies) around it. 

This logo also found on the watch’s solid Stainless steel, screw-down case-back depicts a diver's an early deep sea diving helmet, a well-recognized of the pioneering experience of underwater exploration.

The Galeazzi logo found on the case-back comes along with the watch’s serial number of this remarkable limited edition collaboration. 

The Squale Galeazzi comes with a smooth, black leather strap adorned with elegant grey inserts for a perfect retro look. A microfiber strap is also included in the box. This modern material guarantees lightness and comfort.

Finally the watch is presented in a functional IP67 certified box designed to transport and protect sensitive equipment and materials. 

It is equipped with an automatic pressurization valve, to guarantee resistance to water, dust and impacts. 

The watch is powered by an automatic Swiss made Sellita SW200 movement. MSRP is 1’285USD.

Thoughts? Squale are doing some INTERESTING things these days; I can’t wait to see what they do next? 

Let me know if you’d like to see a Squale x OceanicTime collab’ in the future?

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