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MIDO Ocean Star TRIBUTE Collection

Do we really need more green in our lives? Hell, yes, you better believe it, and you know what we are right in the midst of a full on green revolution as we see just about everyone bringing to market their take on nature’s most soothing of colors; said to represent tranquility, good luck, health and wellbeing. But just in case you aren’t down with this particular, grasshopper-friendly shade which Mido are simply calling “”green” – not REED green or GREENWICH or even MILITARY green; the new Sea Star Tribute collection is delivered with two addition colors: black and blue. Paying tribute to the Ocean Star collection on its 75th anniversary; Mido has given the new collection some lovely vintage touches that not only hark back to the 1960s when the Ocean Star name was born but generally give the watch a ton of charm adding greatly to its appeal. You can’t fail to miss the old school box-shaped Sapphire crystal – don’t shoot me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that this is a first for the modern-day Mido brand as we know it, and then of course there’s the matte finished dial with its block hands, matchstick minutes and the oh so desirable lollipop seconds hand. Sure, this sort of vintage styling is far from new but it’s certainly interesting to see (how to say) less inspired brands finally catching on to the retro trend; I guess they are having to work harder for our patronage more than ever. Mido for one who have all of sudden really upped their game. The new Mido Ocean Star Tribute watches get compact 40.5mm in diameter by 13.4mm Stainless steel cases which are water-resistant up to a pressure of 20 bars (200 m/656 ft.). These are fitted with diver’s bezels with color-coded inlays which we must assume are aluminum rather than ceramic because there’s no mention otherwise. They also get solid screw-down case-backs with the brand’s historic starfish emblem on them. Powering the collection is an automatic Mido Caliber 80 (base ETA C07.621) with 25 jewels, a day date function and 80hrs of power-reserve. Finally the watches of Mido’s new Ocean Star Tribute collection come with a choice of either; a color coded textile (leather underneath) strap with white contrast stitching or a multi-link chain bracelet. The MIDO ocean Star Tribute has a Swiss retail price of 990CHF (bracelet) 870CHF (textile). Thoughts? While I have lavished a fair amount on praise on Mido of late for finally catching my attention – in the grand scheme of things, they are pretty late to the vintage game and still could do more to perfect the look of these watches. For starters – bin the day-date and make sure the bezel inlay is at least ceramic.

By what do you think; do you like them how about the Khaki green variant?


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