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Here’s a quick tease of a new deep diver from the German Panerai strap specialists, CORRIGIA

This is the Prototipo A which is being made in honor the strap-maker’s 10th anniversary (I think that’s correct) - 

and I can think of no better way to celebrate such an occasion than with an extreme mechanical diver.

As you might expect coming from a specialist in straps made for Panerai watches, the Prototipo A borrows a styling cue or two from the famous Italian brand such as its bezel studs and the inclusion of crown-lock. 

The details on this watch are few and far between but going from the renders shown here we can be sure of a few things:

the case is water-resistant to 3’000 meters and includes what looks like an HEV (left lateral case side), it boasts a special case-back with not one but three spy hole for observing a mechanical movement – 

the dial has a faded vintage blue color with old tritium colored hands and it will come equipped with beautiful handmade (in Germany) leather strap. 

You can follow CORRIGIA on IG which is where I got this info.

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