ZODIAC Limited Edition Super Sea Wolf 53 COMPRESSION

Zodiac has dropped another LE Super Sea Wolf which was devoured almost immediately! 

No soon as this Limited Edition Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression was dropped by Zodiac it became sold out.

The watch takes its inspiration from the green undertones at depths below 10 meters where red and orange wavelengths are absorbed. Channeling the ocean’s depths’, the exclusive Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression is distinguished by its channels its dial with its gradient bluish-green tones.

Its classic brushed Stainless steel case which houses Zodiac’s Swiss-made STP 3-13 automatic movement has been paired with a subtle black leather field strap.  

MSRP for the 82 piece LE SSW 53 Compression was 1,095USD.

Thoughts? They say that greens are good for you – here’s a healthy serving of them; gotta’ love that green min. hand.


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