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Gentlemen, start your engines!

H2O Watch might just have created the perfect crossover model, a new diver’s watch for drivers.

The dial of the new Kalmar 2 Racing gets the same iconic powder blue and orange stripes once seen on Le Mans legends such as the Porsche 917 or Ford GT40.

In addition to the racing livery, the blue and orange stripes are flanked by swirls of perlage reminiscent of that found on the aluminum dashboards of vintage racing cars such as the Bentley.

One further racing feature is the color-matched blue and orange cross-stitching on the Kalmar 2 Racing’s custom handmade Italian calf leather band.

If you aren’t proponent of leather, fear not as the Kalmar 2 Racing also comes with a set of racing-harness / seat-belt inspired NATO straps in matching race colors.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual for this rather unusual 3000 meter-water-resistant automatic diver’s watch. All you need now is the car!

Okay actually that’s not quite true (about the business as usual that is) because in addition to a dive-time bezel, a sterile bezel, H2O has a new Heart Rate Count bezel!

Follow the link below or the one HERE for more details including pricing plus a full list of technical specifications for the new Kalmar 2 Racing.

Thoughts? Something quite unexpected from H2O Watch but then again, they are the master s of surprise. If this proves popular – what’s next for the Kalmar 2 Racing?

My money’s on a black DLC variant inspired by the iconic John Player Special's black and gold livery – I’d eat that one right up!

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