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ZRC Grands Fonds 3000 TITANIUM

Coming soon is the new Grands Fonds 3000 Titanium AKA GF3000 from ZRC!

The watch is based on the brand’s famous GF300 that dates back to the 1960s with its iconic silhouette that puts its crown system in the unusual but not unheard of, 6 o’clock position.

The GF3000 has (for the first time in ZRC’s history) a case made from Titanium. I’m not sure if this is Ti Grade 2 or the more superior Ti Grade 5 but is Titanium.

This means that it not only has a higher tensile strength, is more corrosion-resistant to seawater, is anti-magnetic and hypoallergenic, but is also lighter (125g) and more comfortable to wear.

A good thing too because in order to achieve the watch’s impressive level of water-resistance it has had to pack on almost 6mm of case thickness over the GF300.

The Grands Fonds 3000 Deep Blue’s 42mm by 19.65mm Titanium case has a water-resistance to a depth of 3000 meters but has in fact been officially certified to 5000m.

In addition to the thicker case, the GF3000’s water-resistance has been bolstered with a 5mm thick Sapphire crystal and solid Titanium case-back with an engraved pair of seahorses motif.

Another first for ZRC is the use of high-tech ceramic for the diver’s bezel. BTW you cannot fail to notice that not only is bezel substantially higher than that of the GF300’s but it has highly pronounced fluting. So I would imagine that its ergonomics are vastly improved over the GF300.

While the GF3000 is a deeper diving high-tech brother of the GF300, it also comes equipped with all the same ZRC proprietary dive watch technologies such as the ECS bezel cleaning system and crown-locking lug system.

I am not entirely sure what will be powering the Grands Fonds 3000 but would imagine it to be an ETA 2824-2 or equivalent Swiss auto.

Finally this very cool new deep diver comes with – yes, another first for ZRC (at least for the Grands Fonds family), a blue dial. This is punctuated by a prominent orange diver’s minute hand.

The dial markers, hands and bezel markers or on theme with blue-glowing lume.

The GF3000 Deep Blue comes on a blue ZRC custom natural rubber diver’s strap, priced 3’900€.

Thoughts. When I first learned of this project I was of course excited but at the same was a little concerned that ZRC might explore an as yet untried design (always a gamble).

I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that they have worked off of the GF300’s excellent platform. The GF3000 is every bit as great as the GF300 plus a whole lot more.

So what do you think, do you see one in your future?



  1. Great in ocean abysses. Elsewhere I am not sure.

  2. Too thick especially adding that domed crystal. Their 40.5mm is spot on. I would like to know if they will still have a 49.2mm lug to lug as with the current offerings. The way the lugs do not have a pronounced downward curve and with the proprietary crown, it just makes the 49.2mm lug to lug perfect for small wrist people. I have two ZRCs with 6.75” wrist size. They are spot on.

    1. The cutout on the hands will take a while to get used to. I would have preferred the solid hands. These will sell well. Best of luck to ZRC.

    2. Would you say the quality is good for the price (as much as a watch can have the right price)? I've always been fascinated by the grand fonds but never got to see one in the flesh

  3. Saw the watch today, was positively surprised.

  4. I just saw your article, Roger! You also saw the black edition, too. Lucky man. Was the rubber comfortable? Should retro fit with most ZRC nylon, right? :)