AQUADIVE Bathyscaphe 100 GMT POSEIDON [blessed by the god of the sea]

Once again two iconic heritage dive brands are united beneath the waves; DOXA’s Sub collaboration with POSEIDON was an instant success.

Today it’s another popular historical dive watch brand, Aquadive that receives a blessing from the god of the sea –
as the famous Swedish scuba equipment brand (first established in 1958) team up with Aquadive to create a very special Poseidon Edition of their popular Bathyscaphe 100 GMT.

Proudly sporting both, Aquadive and Poseidon branding, the Aquadive Poseidon GMT pays homage to the wealth of fantastic dive watches ordered by the major dive-gear manufactures of the 60s and 70s.

Names such as Aqua Lung (formally Spirotechnique) and of course Poseidon the nom du jour, whose excellent rep’ within scuba diving community makes their logo one the most coveted additions to any dive watch dial.

Inspired by the OG Aquadive Timedepth from the 70s, this ocean exploring, ocean crossing dive watch AKA the Aquadive Poseidon follows the design codes of the Bathysphere 100 GMT.

The highly capable diver boasts 3’300 feet of water-resistance as well as dual-time zone functionality – all neatly housed within a 42mm by 12mm thick Stainless steel case.

Poseidon’s signature yellow livery can be found on the 24hr chapter-ring that encircles the perimeter of the dial, perfectly complementing the Swedish brand’s historic logo at 9 o’clock.

The watch is fitted with a Poseidon Yellow ISOfrane strap. The soft, yet durable ladder-style rubber strap was designed to quickly shed water when wet. It is another that can trace its roots back to the 70s.

The Aquadive Poseidon is powered by a Swiss-made ETA 2893-2 automatic movement with up to 40 hours of power-reserve, which simultaneously displays time in both 12-hour, and 24-hour formats.

The watch itself is CNC-machined from a solid block of Stainless steel, and is water resistant to 1000m. It is finished with a flat, AR-coated Sapphire crystal.

The bezel is also constructed from a single machined block of Stainless steel, and is topped with a scratch-resistant ceramic ring, which has been engraved with a fully luminous dive-time scale.

Just 300 pieces of the Aquadive Poseidon Edition will be produced. The watch has a full retail price of 1890USD, however it can be pre-ordered with a 25% discount for 1395USD.

Anyone who pre-orders one will receive an exclusive Poseidon mission patch plus two ISOfrane rubber straps: classic black, and Poseidon yellow. It is available exclusively from www.aquadive.com

Thoughts? The BS100 GMT is a watch that has traditionally made excellent use of color with its chapter ring and pronounced GMT hand –

in this instance the inclusion of the famous Poseidon logo along with the Poseidon Yellow ISOfrane takes the watch to the next level all the while underscoring its proud diving heritage.

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  1. Hello.Has anyone experienced/heard of any bezel issues regarding the Aquadive line of watches? very soon after receiving my watch the bezel seemed to had lost its unidirectional capability. It also lost its stiffness and just slips when I turn it. I sent it in for repair but after a week it's doing the same thing again? Great watch but I'm not sure what's going on here? Maybe its my watch. It never seemed to ever have a solid feel when I turned the bezel.


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