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SINN 206 St AR

This is the new 206 St Ar, a watch that is historically linked to the 203 St and 203 Ti Ar, in which Ar-Dehumidifying Technology was first used by Sinn back in 1995.

Optimum readability is ensured by a black dial, which also gives the watch a more technical and instrument-like aesthetic quality.

Remaining as faithful to the original look of the 203 St as possible, Sinn have also kept the screw-down push-piece style of the 90s models.

Thanks to Sinn’s D3-System, however, screw-down push-pieces are no longer necessary for the new 206 St Ar. This makes the chronograph functions more easily accessible and easier to operate.

The Model 206 St Ar therefore represents a modern take on the traditional 203 series, which is reflected in a new diameter of 43mm rather than 41mm.

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