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DAVOSA Argonautic LUMIS T25

Davosa have joined the 3H club with the release of a new Argonautic Lumis model which uses T25 Tritium Gas Tube technology.

The new Argonautic Lumis T25 has all the same professional divers’ features such as a Helium Safety Valve, a high-tech ceramic bezel but now with the added benefit of Tritium.

Davosa join brands like DEEP BLUE Watches, BALL Watch Co, Luminox and Reactor who are well known for their use of Tritium.

The Technical digression Tritium gas tubes that the Lumis T25 watch is equipped with offers 10 years of constant luminosity, thanks to extra-heavy hydrogen Tritium.

This is an otherwise, colorless gas known as extra-heavy Hydrogen. The Tritium name originates from the Greek word ‘tritos’ meaning third, and refers to the three components of the atom (3H).

Tritium has been used for decades in all sorts of applications where constant, independent and long-lasting light sources are required. In the past, luminous Tritium was applied directly to the watch dial.

Modern watchmakers are more careful nowadays, and fill the gas into fine tubes made from Borosilicate glass, a highly resilient and ISO-certified glass that is used in chemical engineering.

These Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (or GTLS) are not only exceptionally safe; they also guarantee the watch wearer at least ten years’ constant luminosity.

The NEW Davosa Argonautic Lumis T25 has an MSRP of 858 euros and is available now.

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