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CREPAS Hydrographer 1942m by OCEANICTIME [prototypes]

Here are three HYDROGRAPHER working prototype watches that CREPAS have just recently received.

The Hydrographer is offered with several options. These include:

3 x case finishes (bead-blasted, classic brushed, high polished), 2 x crown configurations (destro / lefty for optimal comfort on the wrist or traditional right handed)

plus 2 x dial print colors (vintage or gloss black for those after a look that more closely emulates the original Longines Royal Navy watch).

In addition to the above watches, the HYDROGRPHER will wear one of two handmade in Spain (by master strap maker Jacob Straps) straps.

My apologies for the rather slow pace of this project; I was incredibly fortunate to be able to partner with CREPAS Watches, who imo are one of the very best that there are in their segment and the only ones capable of fully realizing this project –

and to such an extent that we see the very essence and the true spirit of the first ever diver’s watch translated as a modern tool watch.

I realize that the Hydrographer’s design is somewhat polarizing but those of you that have more than a passing interest in military diver’s watches, CREPAS and I hope you will be able to appreciate just how special this watch is.

Feedback on the porotypes is great; there are only two details to improve: the side of the sapphire crystal will be polished.

The HYDROGRAPHER name is missing from the case-back cover. Production models will have the HYDROGRAPHER name on case-back cover.

Please follow the link HERE for details on ordering the HYDROGRAPHER or contact CREPAS Watches through their FACEBOOK page.

Follow the link HERE for the full HYDROGRHER story or HERE for additional prototype images.

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