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If you’re a regular here, it’s likely because like me you have a penchant for watches that don’t mind getting a bit wet.

The dive watch world is a wonderful eclectic world with tons of different styles and genres, but that’s all it is, a single genre in a much wider field of horology.

As a watch journalist, I am exposed almost daily to tons of lovely looking wristwatches of which only a few are on topic for OceanicTime.

It’s a tough life being a hardcore dive watch enthusiast; some could even say that I have pigeon holed myself.

But after well over a decade of exclusively buying dive watches I have finally strayed beyond a brief flirtation with the non-diver and have started to add one or two to my collection.

Here’s a look at ten that have flashed up on my radar recently. There appear to be some common traits that I’m attracted to; vintage styling, silver / grey dials and pops of orange (perhaps the diver in me).

I think the fact that most of these are chronographs shows an apparent lack in the dive watch segment. There is a distinct absence of aviation watches in my ten as personally they don’t do it for me.

I actually already own two of the models featured; a Le Jour Mark I and a Tudor Heritage Chrono and perhaps see an Explore II or Speedy Mark II in my near future.

Have you ever toyed with the idea of investing in a really good non-diver? Do you already own mix of different genres?

Or are you not that way inclined. It might be time to come out of the closet. Trust me it’s liberating! ;)

JLC Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic – for 2018 it gets a stunning new look with Rose Gold compressor crown, pushers, and dial elements. Damn sexy!

Le JOUR Mark I – I think there are 6 or more versions of the MARK I, this Panda was my favorite but if truth be told I could easily have another one or two.

OMEGA Speedmaster Mkii – this is hands down the best looking non-diver in Omega’s amazing lineup. The orange on grey is perfect!

ORIS ChronOris – more orange on grey. This is an absolute beauty from Oris. I even wrote about it HERE.

PATEK PHILIPPE Aquanaut Chronograph - If money was no object then this neigh on 44K USD watch would be perfect. 42mm and orange on a Patek - wow!

ROLEX Explorer II – Rolex are well known for their staid styling making the bright orange text and GMT pointer all or the more interesting. It's perfect but for the cyclops. 

ROLEX Milgauss – highly sort after, green sapphire crystal, orange text, markers and lightning rod seconds indicator plus an excellent level of anti-magnetic resistance. Just wish it was 2mm bigger.

TAG Heuer Autavia SE JACK Heuer Anniversary – this is the very latest Heuer throwback watch and I absolutely love it. Check out those dual bezel markings. So cool!

TUDOR Heritage Chrono – even more orange on grey and a watch I have quietly coveted since it was released 8yrs ago. I wear mine on a black and orange Tudor NATO.

ZODIAC GrandRally – more Panda action, more orange on grey and a reasonable price-tag, no wonder it’s already SOLD OUT!

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