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Benarus MEG X for OceanicTime

Boom! Back by popular demand – it’s the Benarus Megalodon OceanicTime SE; only it isn’t, it’s better – well I hope you’ll agree.

With OceanicTime on a collision course with its 10 Year Milestone, the timing couldn’t be better for a nostalgic release of one of our first collaborative projects.

In light of OceanicTime’s 10th Anniversary this October, some special changes were made to the Meg OT SE to celebrate the occasion.

Here’s what we’ve done: the water-resistance has been increased just a tad so that we could use 10’000 FEET for its depth-rating rather than 2500M or 8200 odd feet.

The depth-rating is now in cheeky red, a nod to those historic divers.

The 10K WR allowed us to rename the Meg to the MEG X (x with a little cap over its head is 10,000 in Roman numerals).

Bye-bye date and bye-bye OceanicTime diver icon – instead the OT name is in white text, creating an even cleaner look than ever.

The case-back now includes the traditional Megalodon jaws of death with watch’s name in the middle instead of the diver icon.

Powering the watch will be a Swiss made ETA 2824. The OceanicTime name can be found once again on the clasp.

The Meg X for OceanicTime will have the price of 999USD as per the reg. Stainless steel version.

I would prefer to do a super limited run of ONLY 10 pieces but this could stretch to a possible 20 if the demand is there.

Interested parties should message me on IG or FB or drop me an email with pref. number of 10 (but not including #10 – that’s mine).



  1. Why not 10 in SS and 10 in bronze? Megalodon is a perfect bronze beast..

  2. Wow very nice! Who do we contact if interested?