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ULYSSE NARDIN Deep Dive HAMMERHEAD & Alex Caizergues

Ever seen one of those YouTube vids where some poor sod is being flung up and down in the air, dragged along the beach and then onto the rocks as he tries to tame an unwieldy kite?!

Meet French kitesurfer Alex Caizergues, unlike the above mentioned he has does have excellent control of his kite and charges some the world’s gnarliest of waves.

He currently holds the World Sailing Speed Kitesurfing record, with a run averaging 107.3 km/h, or 57.98 knots (over 500m).

He is UN’s latest extreme sports brand ambassador and as such has been equipped with the Swiss brand’s most extreme of sports watches, the UN Diver Deep Dive AKA Hammerhead diver.

Follow the links to read about FEARLESS FRED and the HAMMERHEAD.


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