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ORLO Ticonite [head-turner come head-scratcher]

Is this really the world’s first scratch-proof Titanium diver? Danish watch brand, ORLO Watches believe so.

And that’s pretty cool but before we discuss the technology behind this claim there are a couple of glaring anomalies that have left me scratching my bonce.

This is supposed to be a diver with a groundbreaking scratch-proof technology yet it has an otherwise inferior aluminum bezel inlay, what a crying shame.

It is also Miyota 9015 powered diver which has been assembled in the prestigious German watch-making region of Glashütte; for the privilege ORLO have given the Ticonite an eighteen hundred dollar price tag – WTFFF!

Sorry, did I just stutter – even with its pre-order price of 900USD, this is still an ambitious ask for a 9015 powered Kickstarter diver. There must be more to it than meets the eye.

Speaking of which, the Ticonite is fairly easy on the eyes thanks to its vintage cushion case and its nicely thought out dial which comes in two pretty colors that include green and blue.

So how about its 42mm, 120m water-resistant case that has been constructed from typically scratch-prone Titanium;

ORLO partnered with the Materials and Surface Engineering Department at the Technical University of Denmark which spent seven years researching and testing a new Titanium hardening technology:

Ticonite is a revolutionary, completely scratch-proof Titanium material made with a patented surface hardening technology using heat and certain gasses in a highly controlled manufacturing environment.

This gives Ticonite a surface hardness of 1200HV, without changing its appearance, and makes Ticonite 3 - 5 times harder than untreated conventional Titanium and Stainless steel. Because Ticonite is hardened Titanium it maintains its superior properties in terms of strength, extreme corrosion-resistance, and incredible light weight.

Thoughts? No ceramic, only 120m, high price, but it is a handsome-looking boy that boasts Glashütte assembly, scratch-resistant Ti and is Danish made.

What do you think???


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  1. Too expensive. And diver specs are not as you would expect. Even is this is a Danish company, I would not say it is Danish made. Maybe designed in Denmark