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ORIS Divers SIXTY-FIVE Timeless Luxury Watches Ltd. ED

Speak of the Devil; wasn’t I just discussing the Divers SIXTY-FIVE only yesterday.

Click HERE to see CW’s answer to Oris’s retro diver, read on if you feel that the Sixty-Five hasn’t already been produced in enough variants.

Well here’s another, it’s 100 piece LE for the online watch retailer, Timeless Luxury Watches who have commissioned a rather lovely no-date edition in Stainless steel and bronze which just happens to also be sporting hands down the nicest dial color that the Sixty-Five has currently worn.

Asides the removal of the date, Timeless have a unique texturized green dial which has borrowed and tweaked the dial markers from the Carl Brashear Edition LE.

For instance, sans date at 6:00, they’ve been able to add a vertical marker, and replaced the bronze-colored lume with white.

I think that’s it. All other specification is as the 40mm Divers’ Sixty-Five.

The Divers Sixty-Five Timeless will be supplied with comes both brown aged leather and rubber tropic-style diver’s straps.

The watch has an MSRP of 2200USD and is available for pre-order, now.

Thoughts? All joking aside, the Sixty-Five has enjoyed great success and rightly so and has been released in a plethora of variants; however this green non-date is actually the nicest. Agreed?

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