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This is a new Special Editions model from ZRC, Ref. GF40178NC AKA The Combat Diver Black Phantom based on the 2015, GF 300 1964 French Navy Re Edition.

As I’m writing this, the SOLD OUT GF 300 Black Phantom (civilian edition), my new daily is casually plonked on my wrist which for argument’s sake is identical to this in every respect safe the Combat Diver emblem. You can read my thoughts on that, HERE.

If you are unfamiliar with the GF 300, it is an iconic diver’s model from the 1960s that was reborn by the French (now Franco Swiss) watch brand, ZRC who have been operating for more than 100 years.

The GF 300 boasts some clever ZRC patented technical innovations such as its ECS (patent pending) Easy Clean System, the answer to an issue with saltwater crystal buildup encountered by the mine clearance divers of the Marine Nationale during their many dives.

This was solved with a unique system for cleaning the inside of the bezel by circulating fresh water that dilutes and evacuates the sea salt.

In addition to this, the watch also has ZRC’s Crown Protection System making it impossible to place the watch in water without screwing the crown back into its original position. If the crown is not screwed down, the strap cannot be correctly re positioned.

Special features of the Combat Diver include: a black DLC case treatment, a black on black dial with matte black face, black-chromed hands and brightly glowing black Swiss lume, a special black nylon mil-style strap with embroidered Combat Diver insignia to match the on the dial at 6 o’clock.

The watch should appeal to anyone into mil. divers or looking for a murdered out version of the GF 300. Do you have to be a Frenchman to fully appreciate the significance of the dial insignia, though? Perhaps, but it’s still cool.

If it had a British SBS insignia on the dial, I’d be even more into it, but nevertheless it’s a cool piece.

The NEW Combat Divers Black Phantom is delivered in a dry case along with bronze Nageurs De Combat AKA Combat Divers medallion. MSRP is 3290€.


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