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YEMA Superman Lagoon AUTO

Yema have raided their historic archives for the inspiration for their latest diver’s model. This is the Superman Lagoon / Swell Automatic evolved from a Yema vintage model dating back to 1964.

This is the Lagoon variant which has this rather lovely blue sunburst dial. There is a second auto with named Swell which has circular rather than the lovely block markers of the Lagoon. In addition there are some quartz models in the collection.

The Lagoon also has a black dial version. Basic spec. includes: 40mm x 12.9mm Stainless steel case with Mineral crystal (quel dommage) and 300 meters of water-resistance and an automatic Maison Ambre MBP 1000 movement.

MSRP is 690euro. Thoughts? Lagoon all the way – way nicer markers – still a pity they are using mineral instead of Sapphire – at its price point there is absolutely NO REASON to use mineral. Pft!



  1. Hi,

    I’m from French origin and a diver too (I leave in an island), I can tell you that this is a never-ending discussion among French and non-French divers i.e. mineral or sapphire?

    For what is worth here are the French divers views:

    - Mineral glass is more shatter resistant than sapphire considering the latter is so hard (thus more brittle)

    - The yield strength of sapphire is 2.25 GPa

    - The yield strength of mineral glass is 75 GPa.

    So for the same diameter and thickness of watch crystal, it takes about 35 times more force to fail a piece of glass than a piece of sapphire.

    Those are hard facts but when I speak with my South African and British diving buddies about it the clear winner is sapphire. Go figure ☺

    Otherwise the under-water pictures of their brand ambassador look just amazing, check it out:


  2. Many thanks! I favor Sapphire purely because I'm a snob. :-D I agree K1 is more shatter resistant but Sapphire is more luxurious and of course scratch-resistant too. Cheers! :)