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THREE discontinued DIVERS I wish I owned

Regrets, I’ve had a few! Here are three über-cool dive watches that at the time I passed on for other things that I wish I hadn’t. :(

TAG Heuer Super Professional 1000M (latest Gen.)

First released in the mid-80s; it came in sand-blasted Stainless steel and was supplied with a kit that included: a spare rubber diver’s strap, a separate rubber wetsuit extension strap, a decompression table and strap changing tool.

Other variants of the watch included a bloody cool black PVD version and a spurious-looking variant with a gold bezel. Great info. on it HERE.

At the time (just before the turn of the millennium), it was a tossup between the TAG Heuer Super Professional 1000M and a Breitling Superocean Professional 1524M. Unfortunately I was seduced by the additional water-resistance and the swanky Breitling name.

ZODIAC Super Seawolf 100 ATM (2nd Gen.) 

It was in production between 1998 and 2001. Targeted as a direct competitor to the TAG Heuer Super Pro, it was characterized by its huge buzz-saw diver’s bezel and serpent-headed min. hand. Like the TAG, it had an unmistakable appearance, was powered by a Swiss ETA auto and 1000m of WR. Great info. on it HERE.

A mint one came up on my radar for sale in 2010 – I shoulda’ jumped on it but another collector who I know did; fair play to him.

Baume et Mercier Capeland S XXL

Released in the early noughties, this watch boasted a Titanium case with a tough Stainless steel bezel and a beautiful woven yellow Kevlar dial. A rare black faced one was released in South American market. The XXL was supplied with two straps – one in Kevlar with yellow stitching and one which was a special rubber divers strap designed to fit comfortably over a wet-suit. Great info. on it HERE.

At the time (2006) I decided to buy a 2nd GP SHII Pro instead, which was on sale BNIB through a grey market dealer for just 3600USD. I still have two SHII Pros – I wish I had one of these, tho.

All three models have been discontinued for well over a decade or more. All three brands are currently operating – TAG and Zodiac are kinda’ focused on bringing back historic models (Zodiac more so), so reissues are possible. B&M aren’t likely to do a reissue anytime soon.


  1. The stainless steel bezel on the Capeland XXL is a scratch and ding magnet. Might be the matte finish.
    Even at the time it came out it was a strange watch for B&M to release. Since then they've been re-branded twice and it still would be an atypical watch for them.
    One thing I love about it that's not mentioned is the domed crystal.

  2. I forgot to mention the crystal, cheers. Satin finishes are a nightmare for showing light scratches. You are lucky to have yours, tho. Enjoy.:)