We know the watch – now meet the man who knows how to properly use it!

If you were one of those who questioned UN’s new HAMMERHEAD Deep Dive’s full-on dive watch-like design then perhaps you weren’t looking at it through the correct eyes because seen through a diver’s mask this watch is always going to look good!

UN have just announced a new collaboration with free diver and underwater photographer, Fred Buyle AKA Fearless Fred.

Hanging out with sharks and other marine animals in their natural environment is what allows, Fred, to capture such stunning photographs of these creatures, and by using non-invasive techniques he manages to give us a real sense of just how incredible they are if not a little bitey in appearance ;)

Belgium, underwater explorer, Fred Buyle has spent most of the past 30 years beneath the surface of the ocean capturing images in the salty depths with just a camera, whatever available light there is and a single breath of air.

Without interrupting the fragile oceanic environment, Fred uses his artistic background to capture little-seen animals of the deep on film, tagging them for marine biologists in the process.

Keeping Fred company on his adventures into the ocean depths, is Ulysse Nardin’s latest dive watch creation, the Hammerhead Deep Dive, a sturdy-looking, somewhat over-designed diver’s watch with 1000 meters of water-resistance.

Fred says: three things have fascinated him since he was a little nipper: bikes, sailboats and mechanical watches.

He feels that the three share one technical aspect - natural energy and a little bit of magic! I couldn’t agree more.

UN, with more than just a watchmaking toe in the water are renowned for their nautical watches, so their partnership with free diver and photographer, Fred Buyle is a natural progression –

for a brand who are looking to assert themselves as a serious player in this segment which includes better established dive watch producing brands like Blancpain or Omega.

What are your thoughts? Could this sit alongside or even replace a Ploprof or is out of its depth (so to speak)?


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