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XICORR Garfish PROPERLY Tested in REAL conditions

When a scuba diver descends into the depths looking like this – you know he isn’t messin’ around!

This is Darek Wilamowski, Polish technical diver who when he isn’t making record breaking dives, works alongside Xicorr as a technical diving consultant on all of their dive watch projects such as the Circle, Garda –

and more recently the long awaited GARFISH which he is casually rocking along with an obscene amount of scuba tanks on one of his latest adventures in which he was also road testing the Garfish.

Darek has been using / testing a Garfish prototype watch for more than 3 years and speaks very highly of his trusted dive buddy.

So far he has taken his Garfish on roughly 450 dives of which 40 were, within 100 -110m, a dozen or so at 120 - 130m, 8 dives to 150 - 155m, a couple of 180m dives and one to 200m.

My ears hurt just thinking about that – what a testament to the Garfish. How many micros have someone testing the living hell out of their divers like this – how many watch companies full stop.

Of those dives some were in colder European waters as well as in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Darek has written a full review on the Garfish which can be seen HERE.

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