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EXTático JUNTOR Al 7075 [a close LOOK]

BACKGROUND This is the Juntor, handmade in Spain by EXTático, a philosophically minded watch brand, whose name symbolizes the detonation of time and the perception of movement, capiche!

EXTático have been quietly working on the development of the Juntor for more than 5 years, when it was first seen as a highly customizable concept watch with proposed; Aluminum, Bronze, Composite or Stainless steel cases.

In addition to the Juntor, EXTático got some attention (deservedly so) for their dedicated diver’s model, aptly named the DIVER with its massive buzz-saw bezel.

Handmade in SPAIN, the Juntor is a welcome rarity. Very few watch brands are producing handmade mechanical diver’s watches at the price point that EXTático are.

EXTático are one of really only 3 Spanish dive watch producers of note, the other 2 being Pita of Barcelona and Crepas.

All the Juntor’s components (case and dial alike) were handmade in Spain – case, case-back, crown, strap, dial hands etc. which is some achievement. In the future the brand even plans to make their own movements.

With its CASE constructed from Aluminum 7075, a specialized material used for the fabrication of high-end bikes and missile housings, the Juntor has a contemporary style that is both youthful and refined.

The case measures 46mm in diameter with a thickness of 15.5mm. It has water-resistance of 200 meters.

The BEZEL has been anodized in a stunning cobalt-blue, but theoretically any number of colors could be used. The anodization process that EXTático uses has a thickness of 20 microns

The bezel design has a very organic feel with a shell-like quality to it. It also offers excellent ergonomics. Its diameter is 48mm. It has just 12 clicks.

A large polygonal CROWN provides time-setting and hand-winding for the movement. While the crown is of nice and solid Steel design and closes with a reassuring thud – it is not a screw-down type.

The Juntor’s DIAL has a multi-tier design that would not look out of place on the side of an early decoding computer.

It displays both 12 and 24hr time with a simple sub-dial with a red indicator at 6 o’clock and simple set of SLN lumed hands.

The dial is protected by a Sapphire CRYSTAL with anti-reflective coating on both its sides. The case-BACK is secured by 4 screws.

Powering the Juntor is a manually-wound MOVEMENT, the Swiss made, ETA 6498-1.

A hand-cranked movement wouldn't be my first choice but it kinda makes sense on this model and helps to make the whole handmade / artisan feel of the Juntor just that bit more authentic. 

The Juntor is presented on a specially molded rubber custom divers STRAP that is attached via specialized lugs which are integrated and secured on the watch’s case-back with screws.

BUCKLE Movement aside, nothing on the Juntor is off-the-shelf, it has all been painstakingly designed and produced in-house, the buckle is no exception.

The over-all BUILD-quality of the Juntor is excellent. Despite being a lightweight Aluminum constructed watch it feels solid and has nice feel to it.

It has this toyish quality to it, I can't put my finger on it - I guess this much of its charm. If you aren't into Aluminum then there is currently Bronze on offer, too. 

The Juntor can be manufactured for each customer upon request and takes 2 months from the placing your order until shipping. It is PRICED 1200€ and comes with a 2 year warranty.


Follow the link HERE or the one embedded, below for more information on the EXTático Juntor & Diver models.

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