Le JOUR Chronograph [a humble rebirth of a great brand]

This is the Le Jour Chronograph collection, the debut series from Le Jour who after 3 decades have just had what you might call a stealthy rebirth of the brand.

I say stealthy because for the moment Le Jour have decided to slowly reemerge with each new collection.

So far they just have one collection however a dedicated diver’s collection is next on their schedule, so stay tuned for that. ;) That will be followed by further one or two collections.

The Le Jour brand started its humble beginnings in the 1960s and was well-known by watch aficionados and collectors worldwide for manufacturing Swiss made mechanical sports watches.

Their collections were inspired by the world’s of aviation, racing, sailing and yachting.

You might recognize the overall look of the watches as those 80s sports chronos like the Heurer Pasadena or even the Orfina Porsche Design.

In fact I think Heurer actually produced a version of said chronograph for Le Jour which although was considered a perhaps a less glamorous variant ended up being even more collectible later on.

The modern Le Jour Chronograph watches are powered by robust Valjoux movements not too dissimilar to the ones being back in the day which were some of the most desirable in that era due to modest pricing and durability which ultimately lead to Le Jour's success.

Success however was shortly met by the blow that the quartz revolution dealt to the Swiss mechanical watch industry which was all but finished off by the end of the 80s along with Le Jour.

The new Le Jour brand has started, picking up the brand's heritage where it left off 30 years earlier and promises to once again find favor with those in the know.

While a modern interpretation, the Le Jour Chrono has managed to maintain all of its vintage charm and style combining it with a luxurious yet sportive aesthetic.

This is backed up by the use of high-end materials, sophisticated reliable movements while paying tribute to traditional watchmaking practices.

Basic features include a 42.5mm 316L Stainless steel case and bracelet, a Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment,

a dial with sub-dials & tachymeter ring, SL C3 green, SuperLumiNova on hands and markers an ETA 7750 Valjoux, automatic Chronograph Movement, 25 Jewels and a water-resistance up to 200 meters.

This isn’t a sponsored introduction nor is it a review. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and had the good fortune to –

sit down with the gentlemen behind the brand’s rebirth and have a good play with the collection.

I was very impressed with quality of the watches and the attention to detail. They felt great and were beautifully finished –

but more importantly they looked fantastic on the wrist – the perfect balance of elegance and utility.

There is a one major problem, though; with a collection of seven stunning watches – which one / ones to choose?

I am torn between four versions: 001, 003, 005 or 006? How about you? If I get one, I’ll do a proper review.

Prices are circa 2000USD upwards depending on finishing.The one above has a meteorite dial so is a little more expensive at 3000USD!

In the USA, distribution is being handled by Berhardt Watches for the rest of the World you can order directly online from Le Jour.


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