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H2O Kalmar CHRONO tease

Here’s a bit of tease of something new coming this way from H2O Watches, their first ever diving chronograph which is based on their flagship Kalmar diving series.

The Kalmar Chrono (not sure of its official name) has been in the works for a good year or two, but H2O Watches have finally reached a point where they have working prototype that has already been successfully and tested.

Although the design is based on the Kalmar series, it has been newly developed from the ground up in order to achieve the best possible technical specification and functionality. It's going to be a class leader - that's guaranteed.

So else what to tell you about this new diving chrono? H2O have been keeping most of the watch’s details under wraps until its official launch in mid-August when pre-orders will also open.

However I can reveal something very special about the Kalmar Chrono, it uses arguably the world´s most advanced crown-pusher system which has quadruple sealing.

It has been tested up to 750 bar, the equivalent of 7500 meters of water-resistance. However this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Kalmar Chrono will be rated quite as high a 7500m.

We could expect a little more circumspect 5000m (pure guess); which is still bloody impressive for a chronograph if you ask me and second only to the CX Swiss Military Watches CX 20’000 Feet. ;-)

So what do you think; something to get excited about, right? At least something to look forward to for our wrists for the 1st quarter of 2018! Stay tuned for pre-orders, coming soon.


  1. Looks like the illegitimate offspring of Sinn and UTS, no identity of its own.