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The ROXER SA Company of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland have just recently celebrated 60 years in the field of water-resistance and components assembly for dive watches.

Founded in 1956 by Jean Von Allmen, the house of Roxer specializes in instruments designed to perform water-resistance testing of dive watches.

In 1989, Rémy Paroz (the Vacotec founder) acquired the business and developed a major technical design office.

Roxer handles the entire manufacturing process - from the prototype to a series of 50 to 200 pieces - and has become a privileged partner of watch companies.

After Rémy Paroz’s retirement in 2001, his daughter Céline took over the running of Roxer. In 2004 she purchased the assets of Seiler - a Jura specialist in hand-fitting - which was bankrupt at the time.

With its two flagship brands the firm (now known as Roxer Seiler) from La Chaux-de-Fonds has become a world reference in the verification of water resistance and hand-fitting. It has around thirty employees.


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