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You know how people say ‘’ it’s gonna’ be a game changer’’ when they’re referring to an innovative new design concept – well Mark Gold doesn’t just want people to think his new creation is going to be a ‘’game changer’’ –

he has taken the audacious step of actually naming his new deep sea diving concept, ‘’THE GAMECHANGER’’, just in case there was any doubt in our minds whether it was going to be the diver to stop and make us think and perhaps even reevaluate our perception of what a game changing dive watch is.

If you haven’t heard the name Mark Gold before, he is one of the premier jewelry designers in South Africa. With 29 years of experience, his creations are noted worldwide for their exclusive, high-quality designs.

After perfecting the art of designing and producing diamond jewelry, and having won several prestigious awards, Mark Gold has turned his attentions towards the horological world of deep sea dive watches where he hopes to achieve similar success.

The Gamechanger 3000 GMT is Mark Gold’s debut diver’s watch and as the name suggests, it’s a 3000 meter water-resistant affair with a GMT function. Of course there’s a bit more to it than that.

Firstly, the movement has been encapsulated in a patented, fully submersible, 6mm Grade 5 Titanium pod which protects the inner workings of the watch from the crushing pressures exerted by the ocean’s depths.

Then there are two 15mm in diameter crowns that have been comfortably positioned on the left-hand side of the case. These are, the winding crown, and a Helium Escape Valve (10 o’clock), there so that any Helium that has penetrated the case (after prolonged time spent in a Helium rich environment) can be slowly expelled.

Both crowns are protected by a huge integrated crown-guard that spans the whole left side of the case giving the watch a rather dramatic diving-instrument-like quality. On the right-hand side of the case is a locking mechanism for locking the rotational divers bezel.

Despite his background in jewelry, Mark Gold’s first divers models is not a jewelry piece, (thankfully) there isn’t a gemstone in in sight. But that isn’t to say that it isn’t luxurious because it is – it’s just that it has been lavished with high-tech materials such as super-alloys rather than diamonds.

The Gamechanger is a bespoke dive watch with a modular design, which means it can be pretty much tailored to suit any taste. Each piece has been hand-crafted in a small series, one by one. Several case materials, finishes, colors etc. are available.

At this stage I have no idea what kind of movement is powering the Gamechanger. It’s going to have to be something pretty special to warrant its whopping price which starts (yes, starts) from 19,500USD!

I’m not sure what could we liken the Gamechanger to? Perhaps, Richard Mille, there is certainly some similarity in the bezel design, at least from face-on, but after an RM diver, I couldn’t really say what else.

What do you think? Is this really a game changer? I don’t have a definitive answer on that myself, but I’ll say this. It is certainly a fresh design concept – ballsy by name, ballsy by nature and with a ballsy price-tag to boot!

Follow the link embedded, below to visit official THE GAMECHANGER site by Mark Gold, and as usual, stay tuned for more, soon!