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LIMES Endurance II NEPTUN Diver [NEW]

LIMES have just completed a newly, redesigned version of their Endurance II Neptun Diver!

The Endurance II has a shiny new set of polished hands with an increased surface area allowing for a bigger application of SuperLuminova –

thus creating a greater contrast against its matte black or blue dial and in turn allowing for better readability when it counts!

However, with its proven track record, ICKLER’s robust diver case construction remains unchanged and for good reason;

Ickler dive watch cases are amongst the best that there are in terms of how they are engineered.

The case has though, received some new cosmetic enhancements such as a combination brushed and polished finish giving it sportier but ultimately more luxurious feel.

The new 2016 Endurance II Neptun Diver can be ordered with either a black rubberized leather strap or Stainless steel bracelet directly from LIMES. Prices starts from EUR 960 (incl. VAT), EUR 806,72 (without VAT).

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